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Kidwizz features

Kidwizz for schools

Bring your communication portal and payment portal into one login with Kidwizz. Each of our features within our app works perfectly together giving you the perfect platform to use. We do not believe in charging you for individual features like other companies. Instead we allow you to use every feature on our app at one affordable cost. We at Kidwizz promise you no hidden fees or charges.

Kidwizz features


Set up payments for parents for school fees, School lunches, School Trips, School Uniforms, School Donations School clubs and many more.


Use our app to communicate with your parents. Send messages through our app to an individual, class group, year group and as a whole school. Send emails from our web portal.

Tracking Trips

Allow your parents to track their child’s/children’s school trips giving them peace of mind. Parents will be able to see their class group in an uber concept map

Kidwizz features

Live Streaming

Staff will be able to activate a live stream for parents.

Parents evening

Schools will be able to set up a parents evening through our app in minutes. Send invites to parents for them select a time and book a slot.

Change of pick up

We help safeguard children’s pick up and drop off arrangements. We understand parents will make alternative arraignments.

Kidwizz features

Lost and Found

Kidwizz knows the stress caused by lost items. We can help parents find their lost items with ease via our app. Creating less clutter in your busy office.

Club Selection Process

Kidwizz knows how important extra-curricular activities are to parents and schools. Kidwizz can make the club selection process much simpler for parents and schools. Ensuring a fair selection process in place.

Calendar & Reminders

Upload school holidays, inset days and other events for parents to view on their child’s personal calendar

Kidwizz features


Parents will be able to request medical Appointments. Letters need to be uploaded for the school references.

Kitchen Statistics

Avoid wastage and save money on your catering budget.

Changes of Personal/Medical/Dietary Data

Reduce the volume of parents entering the office to update their child’s personal data.

Kidwizz features


Schools can request donations for charities or events with ease.

Kidwizz Emojis

We know the importance of rewarding and motivating children.

Uniform Sales

Schools can sell uniform via the Kidwizz app with a live stock level for parents to see.