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Who is connected

Kidwizz connected with Schools , Parents, Tutors, Teachers & Club coordinators.

Why Kidwizz!

Kidwizz connects schools and parents, efficiently and reliably using modern technology. making essential communications much simpler for everyone. At Kidwizz, our focus is on making life easy for parents. By doing this we make sure schools get more responses from more parents than any other system on the market.


Enterprise class security

We deliver strong compliance with security standards utilising end-to-end encryption from the client browser, right through to the bank. Our developers receive regular specialist security training to ensure the continued delivery of robust, secure and trusted source code.

Meeting the GDPR

We manage data with agreement of the data controller (the school). We use safeguards around data handling and impose confidentiality requirements on our personnel. We will help schools meet the rights of the data subjects.

External auditing and thorough testing

Our security team manage and maintain our Information Security Management System. Our solutions have been audited with extensive technical and security due diligence by local authorities, central government departments and UK banks.

How does it benefit Parents ?

School Communication

School messages, notices & circulars, homework and more in one single place for anywhere anytime access from smartphone app.

Student Security

Complete peace of mind with School Bus Tracking and RFID Bus attendance features. View all school vehicles on your smartphone.

Fees reminders & payment

See all due fees on the app, get fees due reminders and pay using credit/debit card, net-banking or eWallets directly from the app.

Attendance & Leave

Get real-time attendance notifications from the school for your ward. Send leave application with attachments from the app.


Get exam schedules, automated reminders before exams, published results with analytics and more on your smartphone app.

Timetable Management

Publish time-tables for classes and teachers visible to them on their apps. Manage Teacher substitution (Arrangements) in a click!

Here's what schools and parents say about Kidwizz...



Every school must try Kidwizz app to reveal the importance of it. This app solved the communication issue of my school completely & ensured timely updates to parents about their child.

Joshua Howell Teacher


Kidwizz app has been a real boon for all the students, staff and community. It has allowed all of us to stay connected and engaged like a one big happy family. There are so many features in the app, yet it is so user friendly and easy to use. Alerts, reminders, photos, attendance, application, online fee submission, you name the feature, the app has it.

Arthur Cole Tutor


The Kidwizz team is truly top notch at every level of engagement. Having a partner like Kidwizz has helped our organization in so many ways and they are always there to assist with any issue. Support from this team has surpassed our expectations! Hats off to Kidwizz for its brilliance, great support and for building such an amicable relationship.

Crystal Oliver Head Teacher


Our association with Kidwizz has been a significant one so far. The app has made life very easier for the school in terms of the communication with our parents. Our parents now seem to be happy and enjoying the services.

Joanna Shaffer Head Teacher