Taking care of all your schooling needs through one simple app.


Why choose Kidwizz?

We know first hand the challenges schools and parents face each day in communicating effectively and seamlessly.

Our mission

To better connect schools and parents, securely, efficiently and reliably through modern technology.


What we offer

Kidwizz can offer schools all 15 features or schools can choose and tailor a package that meets their needs

What we offer

During the pandemic we will offer schools Kidwizz for free for the first 3 months thereafter there will be a charge for our services

What we offer

We can offer a user-friendly hassle free payment and communication platform for schools and parents


Kidwizz is designed
for you

We conducted extensive research with schools and parents when designing our services. Taken together with our experience in the education sector, we found that we could increase efficiency within schools while saving precious time for parents and families.

Research has shown that schools spend on average £5800 per year on administration costs. Different tasks are split across different systems with little or no interoperability between them and each requiring costly subscription fees. Kidwizz addresses this problem by not only bringing all applications into one app but increasing usability. Our research has shown that Kidwizz can save schools an estimated £2500 per year.

Our research was conducted with over 850 parents over 12 months and found that on average 10 hours every month is spent on children’s school administration.
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At the moment services are not designed with parents in mind but Kidwizz is different. We have designed a user-friendly system for both schools and parents.



Secure for peace of mind