Taking care of all your schooling needs through one simple app.


Kidwizz for schools

Bring your communication portal and payment portal into one login with Kidwizz. Each of our features within our app works perfectly together giving you the perfect platform to use. We do not believe in charging you for individual features like other companies. Instead we allow you to use every feature on our app at one affordable cost. We at Kidwizz promise you no hidden fees or charges.

Kidwizz consolidates and digitalises all school administrative tasks securely and efficiently into one system.

Our app has been specially designed to meet the needs of schools and parents alike with security at its heart. We are committed to cyber security and our platform uses government recommended cyber-defence ware, Cyber Essentials, to guard against most common cyber threats.

Kidwizz allows schools to go cashless and paperless.

Pay one subscription for all services and features with no hidden fees or extra charges

Use one system for all administrative needs while connecting to parents

Drive efficiency by reducing workloads for school administrators.

Security guaranteed for schools and parents.

At Kidwizz, we understand the education system and connect schools directly with local authorities to offer a fuller range of services that may be available within the borough - helping to build stronger community links.
We offer the most wide-ranging features available on the market encompassing payments and communication.
Our app will sync with your school’s MIS (operating) system on a daily basis which means pupil’s records are automatically integrated and updated.